Our Mission

Mission: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including nonprofits, provide diverse social missions which contribute to regional and global economies in an arena of services offered by the government or corporations. This creates a dynamic relationship between NGOs, policymakers, agencies, and the public in the way of civic life. Realizing this interconnectedness, this affinity group serves as a resource and alliance to strengthen the synergy of UChicago alumni and its affiliates across these non-governmental and governmental sectors, for mutually beneficial relationships - achieved through professional networking, educational programs, and social engagement to enrich the mission-focused members of this industry and those seated at their table.

Membership: Membership is free and open to all alumni, parents, and friends, and you can join by signing in to the group’s website, attending an ACS-sponsored event, or emailing affinity@uchicago.edu.

Affinity groups are a means through which members of the UChicago community can continue their association with the University by engaging with each other around shared interests and shared identities. Affinity networks are global in reach, offering professional, educational, and social programming. Affinity groups complement the work of the alumni clubs, class councils, and professional alumni associations.